If you would like to donate – please click below. Donations go to the Animal Shelter League, a private 501(c)3 organization that supports our shelter and the animals in Rohnert Park and Cotati.

Donations are what allows us to do all the “extras” that are necessary to save lives and make animals adoptable who might not have a chance otherwise. Broken bones are set, surgeries performed, dentals done, blood tests run, and much, much more. It also allows us to buy special supplies and equipment outside the scope of the basic budget the City allocates each year. Things such as collars, microchips and ID tags so every animal goes home “well dressed.” Better caging and new ways to promote our adoptable animals.

Your donation matters – and directly helps our animal shelter and the animals in our community!

Shelter Wishlist

Pet of the Week/Ad Sponsors ($100/week for ads in the Community Voice)

Prefer to buy actual supplies?  Here’s our wish-list!

For the Animals:Large sterilized bones

Kongs and Holee Rollers

Jerky strip dog treats

Catnip mice and puff balls

Apple Tree branches (unsprayed)


Cleaning Supplies:Clorox Bleach


Paper towels

Antibacterial Dish Soap

Powder HE laundry detergent

Cardboard trays from soda cans/water

Animal Supplies:Generic (cheap) clay cat litter

Chicken or Turkey stage 1 Baby food

Flea combs and Kitty claw clippers