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Thank you for your interest in volunteering at the Rohnert Park Animal Shelter! We appreciate your offer to help. We have a small staff and rely heavily on volunteers to help give the animals the quality of care that we feel is important. We depend on our volunteers and expect them to take their job commitment seriously. Because of the training and paperwork involved, we ask a minimum commitment of 1 shift per week, for at least six months (preferably on a regular schedule). There are several areas that you can volunteer in. Please read the following descriptions and see if an area matches your skills and interests.


School Required Community Service: 8-12 hours

If you are doing volunteer work as part of a school requirement, we recommend that you start with our School Community Service Program. Shifts are usually 9am-12:30pm on a weekend day. Information, including specific dates of volunteer days, can be found at Sign-Up Genius at www.tinyurl.com/rpshelter. The type of volunteer work in this position varies depending on the current needs of the shelter. It could be anything from cleaning animal cages to weeding our dog exercise fields. Once your school required community service hours have been completed you can apply for our on-going junior volunteer program to stay on as a shelter volunteer if desired.  No application required – just sign up online and start volunteering!

Junior Volunteers – 20+ hours (limited positions available) and College Volunteers (for first semester)

We know you love animals and are eager to help out.  We appreciate your enthusiasm but need to make it clear from the beginning that if you volunteer here, it will be work!  For JV’s we ask a minimum commitment of 2 morning sDSCF2758hifts each month for at least 6 months.

Kennel Assistants 9:00–12:00 p.m., shifts available seven days a week including holidays!

Keeping the animals clean and healthy is our first priority.  Volunteers assist in the day-to-day care of our animals including the nitty-gritty cleaning of all the runs and cages and litterboxes; keeping up with the endless loads of laundry; washing dishes; restocking supplies and all the little details that keep a shelter running smoothly.  As time permits (remember, cleaning is the priority), the animals are petted and played with and given that extra attention that is so important for the mental well-being of a confined animal.  Socializing the animals is the reward when all the work is done!  We are here seven days a week; you can do your hours on Saturdays, Sundays, holidays and any day during school breaks.  Requires submitting an application and attending an orientation and training before you can begin.

Adult Volunteers

Animal Care Assistants

We’d love your help too! See description above.

Front Office Assistants

When we are open to the public – Wednesdays-Sundays starting at 1:00 p.m. – our front office is a busy place!  Answer phones, make copies, assist the public, and eventually learn to do adoptions.  If you are a people person this may be the place for you!

Animal Socializing

-Cat Cuddler – Being caged is frustrating and boring. Help keep our cats sane and social by giving them the extra attention they need. Includes grooming, nail trimming, and lots of loving.

-Dog Walkers – Our dogs need regular exercise and socialization, not to mention a little training to help them become even more adoptable.  Most are very exuberant and require patience, firmness and consistency.  A two-part session training is provided but some dog experience is preferred.

-Bunny Huggers – Small companion animals need daily handling to remain friendly and social. Also includes grooming, nail trimming, and giving treats.  Bunny Huggers assist with our monthly “Meet the Bunny” events.

Foster Care

Bring orphaned, young kittens, or moms with litters, into your home so they have a clean, quiet place to grow up.  Animals are returned to the shelter for adoption when they are ready (yes, you have to give them back!).  Usually is a 2-8 week commitment per litter.  Here’s a politically correct way to have kittens!

For more information about foster care, please click here.

Adoption outreach

Promote adoptions and public awareness by bringing animals to off-site locations, usually weekends or evenings. Need office training for paperwork and must be a people person!

Vet assistant

Assist with spay/neuter surgeries and health checks. Make up medications, prepare surgical packs and more.  Great experience for future vets and techs.

Other jobs

Have a particular skill to share?  Photography? Web Savvy? Data entry? Carpentry? Sewing?  Graphic design?  Let’s find a way to use your skills!

Fundraising/Special Events

The Animal Shelter League is a volunteer non-profit group that supports the shelter through fundraising and special community events.  If working inside the shelter is not for you, here is a great way to still help the animals!

For more information about the Animal Shelter League, please click here.

Next Step

If you are interested in learning more about the volunteer opportunities we have available at this time, please submit an application and you will be contacted by our Volunteer Coordinator. You will be asked to attend an orientation and a training session in your area of interest. If these positions do not meet your needs or interests at this time, we understand, and thank you for thinking of us.

Want more info?  Contact volunteerwithanimals@rpcity.org