Pet Food Pantry

Sometimes all that stands between a pet being surrendered to the shelter is a bag of food.  If we can help in that instance, instead of having one more animal to try and rehome, it’s a win-win situation.  To that end we run a limited Pet Food Pantry for those in need of one or two-time help to keep their companion animals fed.  We know that occasionally times are tight and sometimes it’s hard especially if another unexpected expense has come up.  We’re here to help!

Donated food, when we have it, is offered to those in need.  Please note, we cannot be the sole, or continuous source of food for your pet.  This is just for the rare instances when things are super tight. Caution note – since the food is donated and often in already open bags we can’t vouch for the freshness or safety of the food.  We ask the recipient to sign a waiver to that effect.  But we know there are many grateful dogs and cats that are able to stay with in their homes because of this help.

Donations to support this, and our other myriad of other programs, is always appreciated!  Click here to donate.