Strays in the Shelter

Check our Facebook page for photos of recently turned in stray animals.  Please call the shelter at 707.584.1582 for more information and redemption fees.

The postings on Facebook are not exhaustive and do not include DOA animals or those that we have a report on but are being held elsewhere.  You must come by the shelter at least once (twice is better) a week to check personally and see all listings of found animals.  Bringing in a clear photo showing your pet’s markings will greatly help us in matching up your pet to your report!

Above all, keep looking!  It is not unusual for lost pets to be reunited with their families weeks after going missing – so don’t give up!


Date Control# Breed Color Gender Age Picture



Cats and Other Critters


Control #






DSH – Domestic shorthair, DMH – Domestic mediumhair, DLH – Domestic Longhair