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Pets also give thanks

Pets also give thanks

By Mickey Zeldes  November 28, 2014

As you were sitting around your holiday table and felt those brown eyes looking up adoringly (begging?) at you, were you wondering what your pet was thinking (besides trying to telepathically get the turkey to fall to the floor)? Let me interpret for them if I may, because you will like what you hear.

The fact your pet is in the house speaks volumes for your relationship. Your pet knows you consider him one of the family and is very appreciative of that fact. He knows too many dogs and cats live lonely, sad lives outside – sometimes in cold or inclement weather. He knows he’s a little spoiled, but he cherishes being able to snuggle with you and having a cushy bed to sleep on.

She also thanks you for not always giving in to her begging because human food is often not the best choice for her, and she needs to watch her waistline. The fact you are willing to go to the store and buy special food just for her makes her heart go pitter-patter. The fact you can recognize when they aren’t feeling well, even when the symptoms are subtle, shows how in tune you are with your best friends. They feel cherished when you take them to the veterinarian to make sure everything is OK.

Although your cat might act like an aloof snob, she is secretly pleased you go to all the effort you do to keep her litter box clean and ready. She hates being itchy from fleas and ticks and loves how you brush and comb her and keep her pest-free. And despite all of the struggling as well as the pathetic look on her face, she actually really likes when she gets a bath and smells so much better for it (we’re talking dog here, cats usually take a while to forgive that indignity).

Your pets recognize the love you show when you put a microchip in them and a license and ID tag on their fashionable collars. How thrilling to know you are doing what you can to keep them safe and to get them back in the off chance they ever become lost.

Your dog loves nothing better than going for walks with you, and when appropriate, being included on the day’s outings. Of course, your cats also appreciate the time you spend playing with them – actually any time spent with you is your pet’s favorite time in the whole world! And that’s what having a pet is really all about – sharing time and that special bond. Please know your pet trusts and loves you unconditionally. And thanks you for returning it.