Wishing for a Home for the Holidays

Wishing for a Home for the Holidays

By Mickey Zeldes  December 12, 2014

We’re always working hard to find homes for our animals but there’s something about the holidays that makes us want to push harder.  There’s just something right about having an animal in the home at this time of year. Maybe it’s all the cards with photos of dogs in front of the fireplace and cats cozy in a pile of blankets.  Or maybe, there’s just something so wrong about animals sitting in cages and kennels at this time of year.  I wonder at those that surrender their pets right before the holidays.  I think it would make the season just that much less jolly.  But then I think about how our animals are at least in a warm, dry place with lots of good food to eat and all our wonderful staff and volunteers to love and play with them and that, compared to those that are banished to a solitary life outdoors, or a feral cat surviving on his own, these animals have it made!

Regardless, the push is on to help our critters find a loving home in time for the holidays!  We have a few animals that have been here for way too long and it’s time to help them find their next abode. You can help – if you are in the market for a new best friend (who couldn’t use one more of those?) consider adopting from your local shelter!  But even if you are not personally ready for that commitment you can help spread the word about our animals.  Are you on Facebook?  Like us and share when we post our adoptable animals – surely you know someone, who knows someone, who is looking for exactly that kind of pet!  We also put up photos of the stray animals that come through our doors with the hope that someone out there will recognize him/her and notify their parents.  This has worked so many times!  It’s really gratifying to see the community rally together to help these animals get back home safely and quickly.

Here’s the story of just a few of our long-timers for your consideration and help.  Diego is a little wire-hair terrier and was just about a year old when he first came into the shelter back in June. Hard to believe the bad luck this little guy has had. He was first surrendered because his family hit hard times and just couldn’t keep him. No problem, he was adopted fairly quickly and was settling into his new home when the adopter found out she had cancer. Needless to say with something like that on her mind she found she couldn’t cope with the demands of a new dog so Diego came back to us.  We know going in and out of homes can be hard on the animals but he is young and adaptable. He was adopted again, but this time, after just a couple of weeks, back he came. Seems like he found the cat just too much fun to chase and bark at. Poor cat. Now we know to find him a home without a feline.  Not too much of a wait for a cat-less home to come around and Diego once again went out our door with all the fanfare and excitement we shower on our departing residents. What are the odds of the adopter deciding they have to move after just a couple weeks and that taking a new dog was not in the script? Usually 3 strikes and you’re out, but not little Diego! We believe that 3 down and the right one to go! So we’re back to looking for a cat-less home that’s willing to really make a commitment to this little guy. Can you help this cutie out?

Vincent and Vanille are two kittens that have been growing up in the shelter. They were rescued as tiny kittens from a field and sent into a foster home to be tamed down. That was back in MAY! Because of recurring upper respiratory colds they have been in and out of our sick bay. They probably have herpes,  (not uncommon in cats) which is very manageable with good care and would most likely improve quickly once they got out of the stressful shelter environment. They are sweet, playful (but still a tad shy) teenagers now and it’s sad to see them here day after day. They are beautiful short-hair brown tabby and Vincent is polydactyl (with extra toes) which makes him even more special. They would love to find a home together if possible, so that is what we are looking for.

To help these animals (and all our other residents) find the homes they are dreaming about, we are running a holiday special.  During the month of December you can name your own adoption fee!  Stop on by and meet Diego, Vincent and Vanille or any of their many friends here at the Rohnert Park Animal Shelter and make an offer.  You may have a new BFF for the holidays!

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