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Guinnifer Aniston
Guinnifer Aniston
  • Guinea Pig

Meet Guinnifer Aniston, the Jennifer Aniston of the guinea pig world! This single lady is ready to find her forever home and bring some Hollywood glamour to your life. With her silky fur and A-list personality, Guinnifer is a true star. She loves cozy cuddles, gourmet nibbles, and exploring her red carpet (or rather, cage) with style. If you're ready to add a touch of celebrity to your home, adopt Guinnifer Aniston today! She promises to bring laughter, love, and maybe even a little drama to your life.

Young, Female, Small
Bear & Quasi
Bear & QuasiBear & Quasi
  • Guinea Pig

Meet Bear and Quasi, the guinea pig dynamic duo with a green obsession! These BFFs have been roomies for three years, and they're lobbying for a lifetime lease on their cozy cage. They're professional green squealers and as easy to handle as a TV remote (minus the drama). Ready for a comedy show starring Bear and Quasi in your home?

Adult, Male, Small

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