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Boo Boo & Nugget
Boo Boo & NuggetBoo Boo & NuggetBoo Boo & Nugget
  • Guinea Pig

Nugget and Boo Boo are 1.5-year-old Guinea Pig sisters. They are timid but are getting better and better with hand feeding. They enjoy exploring the floor in their x-pen and cuddling up in their bed together. These two are bonded and must go together, so if you have space in your home for a precious duo, these are the girls for you! 12/10/23 12:32 AM

Young, Female, Small
Matchbox & Veruca
Matchbox & VerucaMatchbox & Veruca
  • Guinea Pig
  • Spayed/Neutered

Love being greeted by squeals of joy? Guinea pigs make the noisiest welcoming committee! And they always know when the refrigerator is being opened. They squeak, squeal and chirp for attention and food. Veruca and Matchbox are no exception! These bonded piggies, a neutered male and female are guessed to be about a year old and are fairly calm and social. With their fondness for fresh herbs for treats you will soon have them eating out of your hand! We have this pair and another available for adoption. Apply online and then we'll schedule a date!

Adult, Female, Small

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