Adoptable Small & Furry Pets

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  • Guinea Pig

Alex is a typical 1 year old guinea pig. A little shy about being handled but not shy at all about taking food! He is carrot motivated so that tells you how to win his trust. He has an adventurous spirit and likes to explore new areas. Want to meet this cute guy? Apply here:

Young, Male, Small
  • Guinea Pig

Samwise is a 1-year-old, shy guinea pig, but open the fridge to get his treats and listen to him chirp and squeal! Samwise gets along with one of our bunnies, Plimsoll, so he might be open to making some new friends at your house.

Young, Male, Medium
  • Hamster

Lillie is a young dwarf hamster. She is tiny and so cute! She loves to run in her wheel and roll around in her exercise balls. Lillie would love to roll into your life!

Baby, Female, Small
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