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Gifts that count for our four-legged friends

Gifts that count for our four-legged friends

Do you include your pets (or the pets of your friends) on your gift buying list? Many people do and companies know this, catering to those who might want (need) another outfit for their purse Chihuahua or bling for the collar of their Rottweiler. Let’s look at some useful suggestions of things for your pets.

Show that you really love your dog and cat by getting them ID tags and microchips. This permanent form of identification can truly be a life-saver if your pet ever slips out the door or fails to return home. The collar and tag is like the seatbelt – your first line of defense in an accident and the microchip is the airbag – extra insurance “just in case.” Both are free at our shelter for Rohnert Park and Cotati residents, so you can seem generous and have all your pets done.

Have you stopped walking your pup because he’s dog reactive or a strong puller? You might consider enrolling in an obedience class, but that could be difficult if he’s reactive to other dogs. A transitional leash is a great tool to help you control your dog and enjoy walks again. Get one at www.k9lifeline.net/product/k9-lifeline-training-leash. Having the right collar is important for cats, too. Be sure yours is a safety collar – with either elastic in it or a breakaway clip.

Even better for keeping cats safe is a cat enclosure, which allows your cat to enjoy the outdoors safely. Build one yourself or check out the easy to assemble ones at www.cdpets.com. That is the ultimate gift for cat lover and a way to ease the guilt at keeping cats indoors but wanting to keep them safe.

For small pets like rabbits or guinea pigs, check out the chewable toys at www.busybunny.com.. There are safe wicker baskets, wooden chew toys, treats, tunnels, books and more. Everything to make a house bunny binkie (that’s an expression of joy – when a rabbit jumps straight into the air). Most of these items would be fun for a bird, or other small pets, too. I’m trying not to forget anyone.

If you have friends who are animal lovers, here’s a gift idea that’s a win-win. Go to www.theanimalrescuesite.greatergood.com and find something that they will like. There are t-shirts, jewelry, accessories, pet supplies, socks, purses – you name it and it’s there. So not only does your friend get something cute that’s pet related, every time you shop at this site a donation is given to animal shelters.

You can help us directly by doing all of your amazon shopping at www.smile.amazon.com and selecting the Animal Shelter League of Rohnert Park as your charity to support. I love doing that – trying to buy things that support the local economy or are fair trade friendly and buying them through sources that support charities that I can select.

Keep in mind not only what you are buying but also who you are supporting when you buy that item and make everyone a winner.

Holiday gift ideas for furry friends

Holiday gift ideas for furry friends

Are you the type of person who buys presents for your pets?  Are they included in your family gift exchange?  Do friends and family bring them a little something too when you get together for the holidays?  You are not alone!  Americans spent close to $58 billion on their pets last year, and at least some of that was on presents and gifts.

What would be the perfect gift for your pet this year?  We have a couple of suggestions and some won’t cost you a thing!  Show your pet you truly love him by having him microchipped and tagged so that he has a chance of being returned to you if he ever became lost.  I compare a collar (with an ID tag) to wearing a seatbelt – it’s your first line of defense if in an accident.  We know that seatbelts save lives and so do ID tags.  It gives a Good Samaritan who finds your pet a simple way to return her to you.

The microchip is compared to airbags – a back up safety system that is only utilized if necessary.  Since a chip is invisible to the eye, the animal must be brought into a vet clinic that has a scanner or an animal shelter.  We encourage anyone that calls about finding a pet to bring them by so we can scan the animal for a chip.  Assuming the microchip is registered and the information is current, it easily allows us to notify the owner that their pet is at the shelter.  It’s like magic!  Wave the scanner over the animal and “beep” we have access to name, address, phone number and any other contact information that you choose to share.  That beep is the sound of a lost pet going home and it’s music to our ears.

Know what’s the best part of getting a personalized ID tag and microchip?  If you are a current Rohnert Park or Cotati resident, it’s FREE!  Just bring your pet to the shelter during our normal business hours (Wed 1-6:30; Thur-Fri-Sat 1-5:30; and Sun 1-4:30) and we can quickly and painlessly pop one into your dog or cat.  No appointment is necessary for this procedure – just be sure to bring your ID and the contact information for an alternate person to put in the database.

Is your pet fixed?  It can greatly increase their lifespan and keep them healthier.  By removing the uterus and ovaries or testicles you eliminate the risk of cancers in those areas.  By lowering their hormone levels, pets are less likely to go looking for girlfriends and getting into fights (reducing abscesses and other injuries).  We offer FREE cat spays/neuters and low-cost dog altering to our residents.  Call 588-3531and leave a message for an appointment.

Here are a couple other ideas that have your pet’s welfare in mind.  Have a small dog or a senior animal that’s finding it harder to get up onto your bed or the couch?  Time for a pet step!  Having a way for your pet to safely get up and down reduces the likelihood of expensive leg or back injuries like cruciate tears.  Want to let your cat experience the outdoors, but in a safe, protected way?  Get (or build, if you’re handy) a cat enclosure.  You can put it against your house and give your cat access through a window.  Sleep better at night knowing that your cat cannot become lost, hit by a car, or attacked by another animal.  You can see one that was donated by C & D Pet Products (cdpets.com – they also sell pet steps) set up at the shelter.  A great product and they donate part of the sales back to the shelter!

Make this a truly happy holiday by including your pets in the festivities.  Show them that they are part of the family by making sure they are fixed, chipped and tagged.  And keep your outdoor loving kitty safe in a cat enclosure kit. That’s the best way to show you care.