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Join our Life Saving Team!

Join our Life Saving Team!

What are you doing this summer?  Actually for the next six months?  Looking for a way to put your love of animals to good use?  Have a couple hours free each week?  We need you!  Come join our team of life-saving animal lovers by volunteering at the shelter.  Whatever your skill level we have a job for you.

Love dogs but aren’t very physically strong?  Come read to them!  Having positive experiences in their kennels help make their stay here more pleasant. It also teaches them to relax and present well when the adopting public comes through; who would want to bring home the dog flinging himself at the kennel door and acting out of control?  We’re working on a lot of new kennel enrichment practices to help the dogs stay sane while waiting for their new homes.  Of course they do enjoy their time outside and going for walks too.

Did you know that cats should have two 10-15 minute sessions of interactive play each day?  It helps to relieve stress and boredom and mimics their natural life cycle to some small degree.  We certainly don’t have enough staff to spend that kind of time with each of our feline guests.  Thank goodness for our awesome cat cuddlers.  Sure it’s hard work – but someone has to play with these cats!

Have any computer skills?  We need help with data entry – there’s always paperwork in a business, right?  Assist our volunteer coordinator with tracking volunteers’ hours and scheduling.  Assist our vet tech with our busy foster program – tracking who’s next for follow-up appointments, inputting treatments in the computer and more.

Are you a creative writer?  Help showcase our adoptable animals with fun, upbeat and creative descriptions – something that would make people want to come meet them!  Help with press releases and other publicity for upcoming events.  In fact, we need people to help at these events too!  Are you a people person?  Work the shelter’s adoption desk or assist at outreach events and feel the joy when you help a family find their new BFF.  There’s nothing more satisfying than convincing someone to take the time to get to know a shy cat that would be perfect in their home.  We love match-making – do you?

Don’t forget our bunnies!  They crave daily attention and playtime.  Our monthly Bunny Days, where we set up the rabbits outside and invite the public to come interact with them, are very popular.  Our Bunny Boutique does a brisk business and so does the Bunny Nail Salon!  We could definitely use an extra pair of hands to help out.

As you can see there are a lot of different ways that you could get involved.  The only requirement is that you are at least 18 years- old and can make a regular weekly commitment.  Come find out more at a one-hour orientation Saturday, April 29 at 10 a.m. in the shelter lobby.  We are located at 301 J. Rogers Lane, off Redwood Drive (by the Costco).  No harm in at least learning more…. right?  After all, what else are you doing this summer?

We LOVE our volunteers

We LOVE our volunteers

We love our volunteers and hope they know it!  We try to express appreciation throughout the year but one time annually we gather together to acknowledge all that these wonderful people have done for us and the animals.  This past Sunday was our yearly Volunteer Appreciation Party and although all 165 of our active volunteers couldn’t be with us that evening, we celebrated with those that could attend.

Our volunteers do a million things for us – everything from clean the kennels and cages; assist the veterinarian and vet tech with health exams and surgeries; fold laundry, answer phones, facilitate adoptions, wash dishes, update our website, hang pictures, build shelves, pull weeds, walk dogs, staff outreach events, stuff envelopes, cuddle cats, host monthly bunny days, input data, wash out litterpans, greet the public, bunny socialize, make copies, foster kittens, paint our walls, fundraise, file paperwork, post fliers, take photos, temperament test our dogs, foster special need animals – I’ll stop here but you get the point.  Volunteers are people that keep us organized, keep us sparkling clean, and keep us moving forward!  We absolutely couldn’t do all that we do for the animals and people in our community without all this help.

This year we recognized the contributions of 34 special volunteers based on their hours of service.  Please congratulate (and thank) the following people:

1500+ hours – Amy Isquith, Suzy Melvin, Lara Shearer, Casey Watts

1000 hours – Todd Coleman

500 hours – Debbie Ecklehoff, Diane Baglion, Nancy Gillett, Erin Thompson, Victoria Thomas, Tina Hrebick

100 hours-Katt Hess, Mayher Ratra, Nicholas Allen, Cari Most, Tamy Chichkanoff, Alisha Parkinson, Nathalie Rossi, Paula Flores, Judi Nelson, Christina Parsley, Megan Rosenberger, Amber Sharp

Junior Volunteer with 500+ hours –Sophie Spencer

Junior Volunteer with 100+ hours – Kacey Herrell, Sarah Ramos, Alex Palmigiano, Sarah Wood

Foster Parents – over 10 Animals last year – Kayte Taylor, Helen Crosby, Cheryl Vargas, Naomi Garland, Jill Zschach, Pauline Tong

We added up the number of hours (of those who remembered to record them and it doesn’t include the foster parents) of all the volunteers who helped us and in 2013 they racked up an impressive 11,571 hours which is the equivalent of having 5.5 full-time employees every week! For a small staff that is a huge boost in (wo)manpower!

Would you like to see your name on this list?  We are ever growing our volunteer corps, and could always use a few more committed, good people!  We ask our volunteers to make pick one job and make a solid weekly commitment.  There is more information and brief job descriptions as well as application forms available at our website, rpanimalshelter.org and at the shelter.  We will be holding our next adult volunteer orientation on Saturday, June 7, at 10:00a.m.  Join us in helping the animals in our community.  We’d love to be honoring you next year!