You Can Help

There’s a place in our community where the hungry are fed, the homeless are sheltered, and the abandoned are given care. It’s your local animal shelter, where we provide comfort and care for our community’s unwanted animals.

We offer many other services, too, for pets and their owners and even for people without pets. To do all this we rely on the support of people like you. Here are a few ways you can help animals, especially those at your local shelter:

  • Give a little bit. Donate food, old blankets and towels, or other needed supplies to the shelter. View our wish list here.
  • Lend a hand. Volunteer your time at the shelter. Bathe and groom the animals, walk dogs, or play with cats. For more information, go to the volunteer page.
  • Adopt that special someone. Choose your next pet from your local shelter. We have many wonderful animals of all shapes and sizes just waiting for a permanent, loving home.  Don’t breed or buy while shelter animals die. Check out our adoptable animals here.
  • Help spread the word. Like us on Facebook and share our photos/stories. Be part of the network of caring supporters that spreads our net wider than we could alone.  Read more about how liking our Facebook page can help animals here.
  • Be a responsible pet owner. Keep current identification on your dog or cat at all times and have them microchipped as a back-up. Spay or neuter your pet. Always keep your dog or cat properly confined or supervised. In addition to the basics – food, water, shelter, and veterinary care – give your pet lots of love and attention.
  • Vote for the animals. Support legislation to protect animals. Contact government officials about animal issues and urge them to support pro-animal legislation.
  • Be a hero. Report animal cruelty and neglect as well as injured or stray animals. You may prevent suffering and even save a life.
  • Teach your children well. Instruct children on how to care for animals properly and how to treat them with kindness. Set an example by doing the same.