Adoptions by Owner

This page allows members of the public to find new homes for their pets without bringing them into the Shelter. The City of Rohnert Park accepts no responsibility for the pets posted to this page. Potential adopters are responsible for communicating with the pet’s guardian to acquire veterinary records and other necessary information. Use the pet guardian’s contact information to make arrangements to meet with these animals. We do not get involved with these communications or adoptions other than facilitating this webpage.

If you need to find a home for a pet you can no longer care for, please visit the Pet Rehoming Assistance page.



Hi friends!

This is “bunbun” she is an older rex-type bunny that I have gotten roped into fostering until she can find a home. Bunbun is being rehomed due to her owner moving to Florida and not being able to take her. The owner gave me very little information about her but here’s what I know from the couple days I’ve had with her:

She is very shy/scared but comes out of her shell more and more as she becomes more comfortable

She is very curious about my dog and cat

Her nails need to be trimmed significantly but I don’t want to risk stressing her out more just yet

She had a very poor diet previously and is a little on the thin side (stress doesn’t help either and I already have her on a much healthier diet)

Supposedly she was litter box trained, from what I’ve experienced that is not true but I’m sure stress plays a factor in it as well.

She was originally adopted from one of the animal shelters around here ( I assume RP but I don’t know)

Age is unknown but does appear to be well into adulthood

If you or someone you know may be interested in adopting her please let me know. I’m really not able to keep her much longer do to my housing situation but she needed to be removed from the situation she was in.

Contact Danielle at (707) 495-7764

I’ve adopted Jasper from a shelter in Stockton in July. He’s sweet and good with our household, 5 year old kid included- but the kid gives the dog anxiety as he is often at my feet or runs to his crate when the boy is playin/talking/running etc.. Jasper needs training and socialization. He pulls on leash and shows aggressive behavior toward many but not all other dogs. He is house trained BUT sometimes he does submissively urinate when called or approached. It’s evident that he just wants to please his people and likely came from a situation where he was scolded a lot. We love him but I simply can’t handle him as when I got him it was a “we” that got him then it became just me and with 3 kids I just can’t put in the work or money to train him so that I can manage him. He doesn’t do well with cats and as I mentioned, young kids seem to make him concerned. A quiet home with older children or none would be best for him and someone who can dedicate to training him.

contact me:

Lilly, Chiweenie, was born on May 15, 2020. She spayed, small about 10 lbs. This Adorable 1 year old girl wants to play, run, and have fun all day long. She will leap into your lap and give you kisses. Please have a family home for her.

Nou 7074774945 or

Foxy is a chihuahua 7 years old. She is adorable enjoy playing and sleep all day. She spayed, about 15 lbs. she is a lovely dog. Please adopt her.

Nou Hamilton

7 yr old mature female kitty. Was once a feral cat but we adopted and she is an indoor/outdoor cat. Loves her scratching post and not the furniture and will play with toys. My owner cannot keep me because she has been diagnosed with dementia and will be going to a facility where Kitty cannot go too.

Please contact me at

This is 1 year old Bruno. He is a super energetic good boy. Loves walks, runs, hikes, anything exercise related.
Due to my housing situation i cannot keep him. Currently I am paying for daycare.
If you are interested we can talk more (707)755-4563

We have 2 rabbits that need a loving home

Contact me at

“Buddy” an orange tabby altered male age 14 years (approx) looking for a warm bed and cuddles. He is the most loving boy and in great health. “Alvin” is a brown tabby altered male age 7 years (approx) looking for indoor/outdoor situation if possible. Could be fully indoor as well. We took in these two handsome boys as a temporary foster when a friend couldn’t care for them. What was supposed to be 6 months has now been 2.5 years and we cannot keep due to housing restrictions. We hate to see them go but hope they can find a loving home who will enjoy them as much as we have. These two could be separated or kept together. Contact: or (707) 775-9544.

In need to rehome our sweet rat Buster. Buster is a very smart, curious, and loveable rat. He is great with humans but unfortunately, he just can’t get along with our other rats. We feel he will be a rat that can live on his own as long as you are willing to give him a lot of attention. He is about 9 months old.

Our priority is that he finds a loving and attentive home. Rehoming him is not what we want to do, but we have had him for months and he isn't able to get along with our other rats.

If you are interested call or text Stefanie at (845) 514-3016

Sally is in need of a loving home. She is a 3-year-old domestic shorthair, is spayed, and has been vaccinated. She was raised with small children and dogs and has always been an indoor kitty. A friend of mine downsized his living space and could no longer provide the same amount of room for Sally to play. She is used to being the only feline, but is still young and adaptable and never aggressive. Loves to play, very affectionate, never scratches or bites, and loves to get her back scratched and rub her face against you. Food is the way to Sally's heart.

There is no rehoming fee and she has no known medical issues.

If you are interested in adopting her, please call me or text me (714) 928-2993. If all goes well, I can bring her to you for a visit before you make your final decision.