Adoptions by Owner

This page allows members of the public to find new homes for their pets without bringing them into the Shelter. The City of Rohnert Park accepts no responsibility for the pets posted to this page. Potential adopters are responsible for communicating with the pet’s guardian to acquire veterinary records and other necessary information. Use the pet guardian’s contact information to make arrangements to meet with these animals. We do not get involved with these communications or adoptions other than facilitating this webpage.

If you need to find a home for a pet you can no longer care for, please visit the Pet Rehoming Assistance page.



Do to an unforseen family emergency we are urgently looking for a permanent new home for Woody. Woody is a sweet energetic boy, approx. 18m red nose pit and lab mix. He is neutered and current on shots. He has been around children 5 and up. He is super lovable and sweet. Loves walks, pets, tug o war and being a lap dog (he thinks he is smaller than he is). He is not aggressive at all but would really benefit from some obedience training as he currently barks and jumps up on you when he is excited. It is very sad that his orginal family is no longer able to keep him and we are looking -for a new home as soon as possible. Please call 707-774-1091 to speak with Vanessa or 707-205-6463

Hi! These two guys are named Algie and Ernest and are truly some of the most affectionate, loving, and trusting kitties you will ever meet. Algie loves belly rubs and being held like a baby and Ernest loves hanging out on your shoulders and playing fetch. They were born May 2014 and they're both neutered with all their vaccinations. They've always been indoor kitties but they explore the fenced in back yard occasionally. They're each a healthy weight but one, Algie, is larger. Algie has gray stripped markings with green eyes and Ernest has a mocha and cream coat with blue eyes. They are Brothers and have never been separated. They are very close, always playing together and cuddling, so they need to go to a home together.
They come with 3 litter boxes, a cat tree, 3 scratching posts, 2 food bowls, 1 water bowl, some dry food, and a variety of their favorite toys.
I love them dearly but I can't afford to keep them any more...
Please don't hesitate to reach out with questions or for more pictures! My number is (360) 904-1544
Thank you!

Bear, he is 7 years older. He has been very sweet. He is very smart. He also unfortunately has had a moment of aggression. Got out of our backyard to go after the mail carrier. He bit her and I have a newborn at home to also tend to. I’m fearful he’ll get out again some day and I can’t run after him with a baby. I think he would be better in a home that has more time for him to go on walks and the financial means to get him a trainer to help him cope with the aggressions towards mail carriers. He just wants to be pet and played with. He really is a wonderful dog.  You can contact me at:

Shado is an almost four year old border collie mix. He is originally from the RP animal shelter and came to me from the family who adopted him, who were displaced from their home. I have had him for almost two years. He has recently become a bit reactive and I am working with a behavioralist, but unfortunately a recent move and lack of the structure he needs led to him following his cattle dog instinct and snapping at my girlfriend's 5 year old, and we can't keep him. The behavioralist notes that the dog is very responsive and would do well with the right owner. Unfortunately, my girlfriend, who I live with, and her daughter's father are very clear that they feel the chance of another issue is too great for us to chance. lso, being a chef and business owner make it challenging to devote the time to working with shadow that he probably needs. I am saddened to have to make this choice, but I need to find him a new home. It should be a home with no small children. Whoever takes him is also welcome to multiple prepaid private lessons with an amazing behavioralist/trainer. I can be reached at

Amy is a sweet and gentle dog that is great with kids. She is very gentle and loving to our 8 year old and 5 year old. She is never nippy or mouthy. She doesn’t jump very much and very rarely barks. She is a good dog for a home with kids. She is 4 years old and was found on the street with no background information so the last couple months has been a learning curve.

Amy is deaf! We learned this after a few weeks and now many things make sense! Amy is very alert and can follow lots of hand signals. We have taken her to obedience class and have a private trainer once a week as well. She can sit, lay down, twirl around, wait, shake, and catch treats in the air. She is still learning how to fetch. She loves chasing the ball, it’s just giving the ball back that is a challenge. Amy is working on getting used to being separated from us when we leave. She likes to play with a kong full of peanut butter or a food puzzle while she waits. She needs to learn manners about not searching for human food when she is alone but other than that, she is getting better about being alone.

Amy is not good with cats or other dogs. We have a cat and Amy continues to be too sniffy and excited to hang with the cat. We walk Amy everyday and when we see another dog we usually just cross to the other side of the street and Amy will look and focus on the other dog. This has gotten a lot better since we've been training Amy and over time we believe she will get even better. Most of the time walking her is an absolute pleasure. We've been training her to sit when we stop walking and we have her lay down and wait before crossing the street. We also take Amy on the occasional run and she loves it.

Amy is excellent at not having accidents in the house, she sleeps through the night every night and is very happy to hang out during the day while we work. Amy doesn’t dig and doesn’t chew things that she should not. She is surprisingly restrained with the kid’s stuffed animals and has never destroyed any of our furniture/shoes/etc.

Unfortunately, due to the fact that Amy can’t hang with our senior cat, we have to find a new home for her.

What's it like having a deaf dog? Well, when you call for her, she doesn't hear you. So, you have to either tap your foot or use a vibration collar if she is not looking at you. She is still new to the vibration collar, but we are currently training her on it. When she sleeps, you can be as loud as you want and she will not wake up unless she feels motion. If you have barking dogs in your neighborhood, Amy will not join in. The only thing you have to remember is to wait for her to look at you before you give her hand signals.

Amy is a wonderful dog and she will win you over if you give her a chance. If you would like to meet Amy in person or just have questions about her, please give us a call or email.

Contact us at or (415)298-2268.

Take a look at a video we made of her seeing and responding to commands:

1 male 1 female, both said to be around 8 years old. Their owner recently died and I’ve been taking care of them as much as I can.
Male: Petey. Likes to hide away but once you approach with cuddles he’s all over you.
Female: Peanut. She’s mostly blind, but can see some shadows so only bonks her head here and there. If she trips over Petey she’ll hiss but then be fine again.
You may email or call me. My number is +17074847231; email