Adoptions by Owner

This page allows members of the public to find new homes for their pets without bringing them into the Shelter. The City of Rohnert Park accepts no responsibility for the pets posted to this page. Potential adopters are responsible for communicating with the pet’s guardian to acquire veterinary records and other necessary information. Use the pet guardian’s contact information to make arrangements to meet with these animals. We do not get involved with these communications or adoptions other than facilitating this webpage.

If you need to find a home for a pet you can no longer care for, please visit the Pet Rehoming Assistance page.



Meet Yuletide. He is a Havana rabbit that our vet estimates to be a few years old. He was found hopping around on my friend's farm, and was trapped. I got him neutered. He is a spunky guy, and he loves eating. He is fed a high-quality pellet (Sherwood), organic veggies and local, organic grass hay. I am looking for a conscious home that will continue to feed him a high-quality diet and keep him in a pen, not a cage (or free-roam him in a bunny-proof space). I am asking $150 to cover a portion of my cost for getting him fixed. "Low-cost" rabbit neutering doesn't exist in this county... Anyway, I also want to see that you have the financial means to take proper care of him. Please let me know if you would like to meet him.  Contact me at Thanks for reading ♥

Snowy is a female husky/german shepherd. She is 1 year old and is very playful. She has gone to obedient school and has really learned a lot. She has all her vaccines up to date. Currently we are not able to care for her since we have a newborn in the family and don’t have much space as we have recently moved. We would much appreciate to give her to a loving family. You can contact me through email: or phone: 7073041867 Thank you!

Bella is 2 yrs her d.o.b March she is an attention seeker she loves to be loved Bella likes to watch chickens & birds she is very playful and loves to welcome others she loves too watch tv and cuddles with her best friend Ace.

Ace will be 2 in june he is very spoiled ,Loved ,super energetic loves to play ball/toys he is super talkative and loves to be with his best friend Bella.

Bella & Ace grew up together so they have a strong bond together.

Please contact me if interested through Email: