Adoptions by Owner

This page allows members of the public to find new homes for their pets without bringing them into the Shelter. The City of Rohnert Park accepts no responsibility for the pets posted to this page. Potential adopters are responsible for communicating with the pet’s guardian to acquire veterinary records and other necessary information. Use the pet guardian’s contact information to make arrangements to meet with these animals. We do not get involved with these communications or adoptions other than facilitating this webpage.

If you need to find a home for a pet you can no longer care for, please visit the Pet Rehoming Assistance page.



I have 1 left and ready for a new loving home. A black sweetie with a grey ruff, mini dwarf (little gal I think). Daddy was a 3 lb Netherland Dwarf, mama Mini Lionhead, cutest babies! Litter box pee trained, healthy active friendly and ready for new home. Please only long term interest, no Easter Bunnies for fun. Rehome for $25 and I’ll send you home with starter food and printed info, if you have a real long term interest in a cute, curious, fuzzy friend with a safe environment.
Text me at 530.557.9728 with any questions or for a meet and greet!
I’m in the D Section in Rohnert Park.

Sweet, loving, shy at first to new humans. Has lived peacefully with a small dog almost her entire life. Has lived with children other than visiting grandchildren and shy but kind toward them. Loves to cuddle or sit on a lap. Indoor/outdoor but would be fine as full indoor. Well behaved, gentle, sweet girl.

Due to a decline in my mother’s health, she can not care for her the way Charlie deserves and we want what’s best for Charlie.  If interested contact me at

Poe is a very affectionate and interactive cat. He will participate in any family discussion and be there to keep you warm. His vet believes he is an Egyptian Mau.

The Egyptian Mau is a lean, athletic cat with a history dating back at least 3,000 years. These cats are known and loved for their lively, outgoing personalities. Regal and intelligent, this rare breed is social and needs to be kept busy. Egyptian Maus tend to be affectionate and friendly with everyone, but they will likely select one member of their family to spoil with extra attention.

These bold, curious kitties love to engage in playtime and will impress you with their athletic abilities and lightning-fast reflexes. Some Egyptian Maus will even make a show out of leaping and jumping in the air. Undoubtedly, these energetic felines will make a lively addition to your family!

The Egyptian Mau is a medium-sized cat typically weighing between 6 and 15 pounds. They tend to have a lean, muscular build and a long tail. A runner’s build, you might say!

Coincidentally, many people liken Egyptian Mau cats to Cheetahs. Not only do they have spotted coats, but also the same flap of the skin leading from their belly to their hind knee. This skin flap is thought to increase their range of motion, enabling them to run faster and jump higher than the average cat. In fact, some Egyptian Maus have been tracked sprinting at speeds up to 30 miles per hour!

You may also note that the hind legs of Egyptian Mau cats are slightly longer than their front legs. Again, this helps improve their range of motion, making it easier for them to jump high in the air or run very fast.

You’re sure to be struck by the glowing, almond-shaped eyes of the Egyptian Mau. Their eyes are typically lined with black, making them stand out even more. Their triangular head features wide set mildly pointed ears, which contribute to their curious facial expressions.
The Egyptian Mau is a regal, intelligent cat. They are very loyal to their people and often bond most strongly with one particular person but are affectionate and loving with everyone in their family unit. They can be a little standoffish to strangers at first but will usually warm up quickly.
Generally, they may be a little shy at first and even run and hide, but given time, they will soon be approaching the stranger for a cuddle.
They are playful and have an endearing sense of humor, they often learn to retrieve toys thrown for them.

Poe is best suited for a household where he is the only animal or with another social feline.

Interested in meeting Poe?  Please call me at:  (707) 227-4934

Neva is a sweet girl chinchilla who loves to run on her wheel and chew anything she can reach. She's not a fan of veggies. Her favorite treat is walnuts. We got her for my granddaughter but she's older now and has lost interest. We just want her to go to a loving home.  Please call if you are interested:  707-327-9370.