Adoptions by Owner

This page allows members of the public to find new homes for their pets without bringing them into the Shelter. The City of Rohnert Park accepts no responsibility for the pets posted to this page. Potential adopters are responsible for communicating with the pet’s guardian to acquire veterinary records and other necessary information. Use the pet guardian’s contact information to make arrangements to meet with these animals. We do not get involved with these communications or adoptions other than facilitating this webpage.

If you need to find a home for a pet you can no longer care for, please visit the Pet Rehoming Assistance page.



I can no longer take care of my dog his name is trunks and he is a mix of a lab and he is a really playful dog. I want to find a home for him where I would be Able to go see him. It is best that he is the only dog. Trunks is about a year and he has all his vaccines. You can contact me at 707-235-6839

Harley is a neutered male grey/brown domestic short hair tabby with strong markings. He is about 1-1/2 years old. He loves to play and is active when engaged in play with you. He will also have his own playtime with his toys and stuffed animals. The only time he is vocal with meows is when he knows you are going to feed him his wet food. I have also kept dry kibble out for him during the day to munch on. He likes to sleep under the bed during the day or on his own little round bed in the living room. I usually close my bedroom door when I go to sleep and he will sleep in the living room. Unfortunately, I am moving and unable to take him with me. I can provide all his medical records to date. He is already micro-chipped, so you only need to call the company to change ownership info.  Contact me at

Kobie is a spayed female grey/brown tabby. She is 2 years and 2 months old. She is the sweetest kitty. She is dainty and quiet. Loves to follow you around and plop right in front of you. She can be very playful and entertains herself playing with her toys and stuffed animals. She loves to sleep at the highest level of the cat post or by a window. She is an indoor-only cat. She likes wet cat food and I keep dry kibble out for her during the day also. Always uses the litter box. She likes to cuddle up during TV time or on the bed. I have kept her out of the bedroom at night but that is my preference. I will provide you with all her medical records. She is micro-chipped, so you just need to call the company and change ownership info. I am moving and unable to take her with me.  Contact me at

Hazel and Cookie need a new home due to an unknown medical allergy that the owners weren’t aware of until now. The Guinea pigs have been together since they were babies and have recently turned 2 years old this June. They get along well and enjoy playing and eating together. They both love hay, treats, and do not particularly enjoy having their nails trimmed. They will not bite and are very vocal when they are happy/upset. They have never been sick or require special needs. If you are interested in these furry little ones you can contact me at (707)303-6607 or anytime!

Poseidon (Po) is a fun-loving, goofy, highly energetic Australian Shepherd / Rhodesian Ridgeback cross. He is sweet and sensitive and loves to play rough! He is attentive and picks up new training easily. He is very good with other dogs when off the leash, but has leash reactivity so, walking him can be a difficult task. I believe that with an owner experienced in big dogs and leash reactive / nervous dogs, he will flourish. But in our small yard where he doesn’t have enough room to let out all his energy, he is very bored. Po needs a big yard and a loving family who will pet him all day long and play with him frequently. He currently lives in a house with small dogs, cats, and big kids and he is very respectful of others’ space and boundaries. I think he would do very well with an active family and/or other dogs to play with.
I can be contacted at (510)269-0113 or

Marlowe is a 2 year old mix (Wisdom Panel Results: 26% Bloodhound, 17% Lacy Dog, 15% Belgian Malinois, 13% Siberian Husky, 6% German Shepherd) looking for a new home. Marlowe is an energetic girl who enjoys walks, playtime, being with her humans and lots of snoozing after all the fun.
We adopted Marlowe through Care TX Rescue in May of 2020 and we expected to be her forever home but that’s not how things worked out. We are so fortunate to be part of Marlowe’s life and so lucky for all the joy and love she brought to us, our family and friends. We know her new family will be so lucky to have this silly lovebug.
Marlowe has so much love to bring to a wonderful family, preferably without children. She is a silly girl with lots of energy who loves other dogs. She currently enjoys pack walks and daycare with her doggy friends on the weekdays. She is a dog that needs one long walk with playtime or two shorter walks a day. We think she would do great in a home with another dog that she can learn from and play with. She is house and crate trained, she knows; sit, down, bed, crate, shake, stay. She is working on; away, come, wait. She knows these commands but occasionally has selective hearing and/or gets too excited. Marlowe is a very smart girl and has been easy to train.
Her need for a new home is because of our 14 month old son. After many attempts of introductions and trying to get them to connect, Marlowe is not warming up to him. Our son is much more mobile and this gives Marlowe a lot of anxiety, and she has occasionally shown signs of aggression towards him. We have come to the realization that our home environment is not an ideal situation for Marlowe and we want her to be in a home where she is able to be herself and feel comfortable.
If you have any questions or would like further details please reach out to me via email

Gunter is a 1 year old, neutered, (probably) pure bred German Shepherd. He is cat/dog/kid friendly! He was rescued from a high kill shelter. He is super sweet, smart, and ready to be loved by a forever home. He knows sit, down, and is working on other commands, and will learn new manners so quickly! His past times are chasing flies, and lounging in the shade.

415-359-6795 (text preferred)

Mia is 3.5 years old. We’ve had her since she was a puppy. She is not yet spayed, however , that can possibly be arranged prior to adoption.
Mia loves people. She can be protective towards strangers when she’s in her own home. When she’s on walks she does great. She lives for walks, loves belly scratches and even knows many tricks. She can sit, shake, high five, roll over, and stay. She is extremely intelligent. She should be the only pet in the household as she has alpha tendencies with other dogs in our home. She’s openly been around chickens and horses and doesn’t bother them. Mia is dear to my heart and I will have to be picky as to who she goes home with. Please contact me with more questions 707-328-4565
Text is preferable.


I’m looking to rehome a 12 year old calico cat for my friend. She moved back to Japan to care for her mother and is going to be staying longer than she expected. We had an owner lined up but we realized she needs to be an outdoor and indoor cat. The owner we had lined up lives in a high rise in New York so it wouldn’t work. With that original plan I took her to the vet to be cleared to fly and she has a clean bill of health!

She’s super sweet and very cuddly. If you get close enough she will run up your shoulder and wrap around your neck like a scarf. Very sweet girl.

Please email or text me if you are interested, she is in Rohnert Park in D section.