Found a Pet?

If You Have Found an Animal

If the aStray poster-lost cat-editednimal was found in Rohnert Park or  the City of Cotati, bring him by the RP Animal Shelter to be scanned for a microchip.  If you can hold on to the pet until the owner is found that is great!  Posting that you found the pet on social media might just make for a happy reunion. and Josie’s Lost Dog’s Facebook page are two suggestions.  Also make sure that the appropriate shelter has a complete found report.


Snap a picture and submit a FOUND ANIMAL report to us:  Found Animal Form

If the pet was found somewhere other than Rohnert Park or Cotati, it’s best to turn the animal into the shelter closest to where the pet was found. Visit our Links page to locate the shelter nearest to that location. You do not necessarily have to surrender the animal, but you should have him scanned for a microchip that could help get him home.

By law you are required to do everything reasonable to get a lost pet back to his parents.  Do not assume by the animal’s condition that he or she was abused or neglected!  Report the found animal to the right animal control agency so they can make sure the animal gets the care she needs. Publishing a found ad in the paper and on websites is proof that you made a good faith attempt to find the owner if that ever comes into question.

Help Your Pet Get Home if Ever Lost

Always keep a current identification tag on your pet. If your dog or cat wears a tag that has his or her name, street address, and phone number, your lost pet will stand a better chance of getting home. Your pet’s I.D. tag is the best ticket home!  A microchip is the best back up in case the collar or tag comes off the pet.  Our “No More Lost Animals” campaign offers FREE ID tags and microchips to our residents.

Remember to update your pet’s tag when you move. And be sure keep a current photo of your pet handy in case he or she ever becomes lost.

It’s important to also keep a current license tag on your pet, in accordance with local laws.

Don’t forget to check Found Pets on daily and, if your pet is microchipped, call the chip company so they will flag the pet as lost.

Click here for a Found Animal Report that can be faxed to the shelter at 584-7283.