Why YOU should volunteer at the shelter

Why YOU should volunteer at the shelter

Here’s the top 10 reasons why you should volunteer at the shelter:

1)You love animals

2)You want to give back to your community

3)You want to be part of the solution

4)You enjoy the company of like-minded people

5)You have skills (computer, organizational, artistic) that you enjoy sharing

6)You want to feel like you’ve made a difference

7)You want to do something that you’re passionate about

8)You like feeling needed and appreciated

9)You want to be part of a team that is doing good in the world

10)You have nothing better to do with your time…..kidding!  Did we mention you want to help animals?

There are probably lots of other reasons to join our team but we’ll stop there and give you the details on how you too can become involved.

On Saturday, Feb. 3 at 10 a.m. is a one-hour informational orientation for new adult volunteers. You will hear about what we expect of our volunteers, the commitment we ask, a description of the various positions available, our philosophy and mission and have a chance to ask questions. You don’t need to rsvp but you might want to stop by the shelter before that date to pick up an application, or download it from our website (rpanimalshelter.org) so you can bring it already completed.

Every year approximately 1,100 unwanted, lost, injured and sick animals come through our door looking for help and a second chance. Each one needs daily care and attention.  Our small staff has all we can handle trying to get through the basic care needed each day. It is the volunteers that give the animals the attention they need, the ‘extras’ that help keep them sane and adoptable during their stay at the shelter. Things like walks, grooming, socialization with people and other animals and training for behavior issues.  By volunteering at the shelter you can directly impact and help these animals.

If you are a people-person, we need help both in the office and at adoption outreach events. When we are open to the public – after 1 p.m. Wednesdays through Sundays – this place is hopping! If you like people as well as animals, and have some office/computer skills, this is a wonderful way to assist. Promoting our animals for adoption, and being shelter ambassadors out in the community is a great way to help our animals find homes. Which is really what we’re all about, right?!

We ask a weekly commitment for most of these jobs. We provide training and there is the inevitable paperwork so we want people who are serious and, hopefully, long-term.  What if you just can’t commit that much time but still want to help? Some of our events are just monthly – it will just take you longer to learn the drill. We also have the Animal Shelter League, a separate non-profit organization that incorporated to assist the shelter with fundraising and educational events. Could you attend monthly meetings? Assist with occasional fundraisers? Then being part of this group might be right for you. If time is the problem, but you really want to help, donations to this group are always welcome.

If volunteering in the shelter is not for you, you can do a lot from the comfort of your home in just a few minutes a day. Like our Facebook page and help animals with the click of a mouse. By sharing our posted strays you can help reunite a lost pet with his worried parents. Or connect an adoptable animal to someone looking for a new pet -matchmaking has never been this easy!

Want to learn more? The orientation will be held at the shelter Saturday, Feb. 3 at  10 a.m. We are located at 301 J. Rogers Ln, behind the Press Democat building off Redwood Drive. We look forward to having you as part of our life-saving team!

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